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Day1 day dd.mm.2018

Event 100m hurdles High Jump Shot Put 200m
Starts (Local time)  CET   CET   CET  1 CET

Day2 day dd.mm.2018

Long Jump Javelin Throw 800m

Standings SORTED by forecast

Standings sorted by forecast - tabular

In addition to the current standings you get a forecast of how the remaining events might proceed. The athletes’ results are compared against their PB or some other recent best performance.


Speculate with competition points

Whatif - interactive speculation

Your chance to speculate with the athletes’ event results and points. The current standings and forecasts are used as the default results, but you can change them according to your own forecast.

800m chase

Last long distance chase

See how fast athletes need to run 1500m to beat the competitors ahead of them in the overall points. The differences are shown not only in points, but also in seconds and meters.
The report will be available after the 2nd last event, Javelin Throw.

800m countdown

Long last distance countdown

Interactive chance to speculate with the final results before the last event, 1500m.

More statistics

Competition statistics

You can find more competition statistics from this web-page.
Note: Statistics of this competition are available only for a limited time. The contents of this page will be changed when another competition is selected for monitoring.

Points calculators

Points table +50

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