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2017 WC London
IAAF World Championships
2017 London

Ten7events forecast reports

On this page you can find all the Ten7events forecast reports for men’s Decathlon, 2017 World Championships in London.

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Day1 Fri 11.08.2017

Event 100m Long Jump Shot Put High Jump 400m
Starts (Local time) Fri 10:00 GMT+0 Fri 11:05 GMT+0 Fri 12:55 GMT+0 Fri 17:00 GMT+0 Fri 20:45 GMT+0

Day2 Sat 12.08.2017

110m Hurdles Discus Throw Pole Vault Javelin Throw 1500m
Sat 10:00 GMT+0 Sun 11:00
Sun 12:20 GMT+0
Sat 13:30
Sat 14:15 GMT+0
Sat 17:30
Sat 18:55 GMT+0
Sat 20:45 GMT+0

Standings SORTED by forecast

In addition to the current standings you get a forecast of how the remaining events might proceed. In most cases the athletes’ results are compared against their PB or some other recent best performance.

Results with
event points and ranks

In addition to competition standings you can see results, points and rankings after each event. The report also has a section for comparing the forecast to athlete’s PB and his/her nations NR.

Standings and forecast

This report has the same contents as ‘Standings sorted by Forecast’ but the results are sorted by the standings.

Points behind current leader

The points behind graph visualizes how many points top-8 athletes are behind (or ahead of) the current leader after each event.

Points difference to PB

This graph shows the best performers when comparing the athletes latest standings to his/her PB.

1500m chase

See how fast athletes need to run 1500m to beat the competitors ahead of them in the overall points. The differences are shown not only in points, but also in seconds and meters.
The report will be updated after the 2nd last event, Javelin Throw.

1500m countdown

Interactive chance to speculate with the final results before the last event, 1500m.

Points calculator


Speculate with competition points

Your chance to speculate with the athletes’ event results and points. The current standings and forecasts are used as the default results, but you can change them according to your own forecast.

Sprint, Jump and Throw

Athletes ranked based on summarized points from the three main event categories: sprint, jumps and throws.

Participant's event PBs
in one series

What if we collect the participants PBs into one series?
Who has the most potential?

Decathlon points +50 table