Talence, France


Competition results with event and cumulative points with respective ranks.

Standings sorted by forecast

In addition to the current standings you get a forecast of how the remaining events might proceed. The athletes’ results are compared against their PB or some other recent best performance.


Speculate with competition points

Your chance to speculate with the athletes’ event results and points. The current standings and forecasts are used as the default results, but you can change them according to your own forecast.

1500m chase

The table shows you the points, time and distance differences to competitors ahead. The table is updated after Javelin Throw.

1500m countdown

Speculate with target times or points for the final run.

Athletes' series

Difference to reference series

Rank roller-coaster

Athlete's points by events

Top event points

Points by event types

Points counter

Points to results

Decathlon +50 points table