2018 IAAF World Indoors Championships in Women’s Pentathlon
Birmingham UK


Fri 02.03.2018

Event 60mH High Jump Shot Put Long Jump 800m
Starts (Local time) 10:18 11:55 13:20 20:17


Result are updated after the each event. For live follow-up try the IAAF.org competition page. The athletes will be listed here in alphabetical order and not sorted by e.g. rank. Click the athlete’s name to see the IAAF athlete’s full profiles.


The forecast is a combination of
  • final results of each event and
  • the selected series of comparison (see PB or SB) table.

Difference to PB (or SB)

This table compares the athlete’s results to the selected comparison series and shows
  • the points difference in the individual event (plus meaning result is better) and
  • the points difference in the cumulative score after the event.

PB (or SB)

Athlete’s handpicked PB or SB series used for comparison and for the forecast.
PB = Personal Best
SB = Seasons Best

Women's Pentathlon points +50 table